Everyday Living is an Assisted Living resource app that helps you find the right agencies with caring homes where you can easily connect with group homes, foster homes, residential treatment centers, personal care homes, and assisted living facilities conveniently located near you, communicate with providers, and access community resources easily.

Everyday Living helps you find the right agencies and community resources by offering an easy-to-use app that allows you to access everything you need with just a few clicks.

Everyday Living uses AI technology to help you stay connected with providers and ensures that you can effortlessly locate and connect with nearby group homes that best match your preferences, chat functions, and more.
  • Proximity – The app recommends homes located close to your mentioned address.
  • Quality Ratings – The app prioritizes properties with the best ratings within the nearby range.
  • Personalized Match – The app considers your search and booking history to recommend properties that align with your preferences.
With the help of these AI-driven features, Everyday Living provides a seamless experience in finding the ideal property during emergencies, giving you peace of mind when it matters the most.
The Everyday Living app uses advanced AI algorithms to make it easier for providers to connect with potential clients who are a great fit for their homes. By analyzing various factors, the app ensures that you’re presented with a list of recommended clients who are more likely to be interested in your facility.
  • Proximity – The app identifies clients who are searching for properties nearby your property address.
  • Booking History – The app takes into account clients who have previously booked homes similar to yours in the same address range.
  • Property Interests – The app analyzes customer search behavior to identify those who have shown interest in properties with similar details to yours.
By leveraging these AI-driven features, Everyday Living streamlines the process of finding suitable clients for your homes, saving you time and effort.

Emergency Placement Alerts in Everyday Living help you stay informed about important notifications and alerts about various placement opportunities.

Everyday Living prioritizes your safety and security by offering robust features that keeps your information secure and private.

Yes, offering limited free access is possible to encourage users to try the app and upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

The Basic Plan for consumers offers access to a limited number of home and facility options, basic search and filtering features, and access to community forums and support groups. The Premium Plan for consumers offers unlimited access to all home and facility options, advanced search and filtering features, personalized recommendations based on user preferences and needs, access community resources, and priority customer support.

The Basic Plan for provider agencies offers a basic listing of services and facilities on the app, access to a limited number of leads and referrals, and basic analytics and reporting tools. The Professional Plan for provider agencies offers a featured listing on the app to increase visibility, unlimited access to leads and referrals, advanced analytics and reporting tools, access to premium marketing tools such as in-app promotions and ads, and priority customer support.

Provider is the business owner of the Group Home or Assisted Living Facility.  This term is used interchangeably with the following:  (Group Homes, Foster Homes, Residential Treatment Centers, Personal Care Homes, Day Cares and Assisted Living Facilities).

User is an individual looking for placement and community resources for a loved one or themselves.  This term is used interchangeably with the following: (Individual , Client, Consumer).

All Service Providers with the click of a button can send an alert to provider agencies about their placement needs versus calling and emailing, in addition to being able to chat with providers in real time about their needs and access community resources.

Yes, contact info@everydaylivingapp.com to inquire.